Pharmacies Congresses in France

There is a very well known proverb that says something about being in constant learning and that you may learn new things every single day in your life. Is it that Chinese or maybe Japanese? Sounds as some oriental-borned words. You can find this phrases maybe inside the Tao Te-King or other antique book of our distant civilization. – There are a million steps under your feet – Tao says. This would mean literally that there are a million steps under your feet. Complicate? Commonly we understand this proverbes or historical phrases coming from others and distante cultures as a very metaphoric way of speaking about something regarding to our daily life. But when you – as the writer here – are really interested in this cultures and their meanings and belongings, you can understand – or distantly believe – that they were talking about very concrete things. The mountain is the mountain. The lake is the lake. We are we and your are me.

But this is not a Chinese culture article and neither a self help book. I just want to raise the pretest about how do we access to a new learning every day in our world today. Information flux had increased in millions in the last ten years. You can learn plenty of things just through internet and your cellphones. You can transform into a deep connoisseur of practically any thing in a week or less if you are really interested on it. Internet provides us possibilities that were unimaginable ten years ago about permanent new information in our screens and all these with a velocity that has no precedents in human history. Children today are born with a smartphone or a tablet on their hands and this produces big trouble inside families. Personally I have no children but I do have nine little cousins. Is it really shocking to see children playing and learning through this devices for those who were born before the 90´s.

What do you think about this kind of learning? Is or might this be a real and solid formation? Which are the real spaces existing today in were you can develop your professional interest and share it with colleagues and masters of your discipline? How can we access to deep and specialized information about very particular issues or themes we are interested on?
Congresses in general are a very fertile place to achieve new knowledges and have contact with a several number of people which is interested in the same topics than you are. Every year over three thousand congresses are celebrated in more than a hundred countries all around the world. You might have assisted once to a congress of specialization in your professional career or maybe you frequently assist to this special meetings. There congresses about everything you can imagine: from entertainment, academical, economical congresses in which just richest people in the world take part, political parties congresses, science congresses and beyond. Obviously, every congress has it particularity and not always you may assist as a student or with the objective of learning something new. Even so, you will probably learn something new as it is a place where deep topics are seriously discussed and speakers are generally persons who are highly recognized within their professional field.

On this article we are going to explore and analyze the French Pharmaceutical Congresses situation nowaday and we are getting clear conclusion about it. First of all, we must take into account French Pharmacy Academy, which is the institution in charge of every regulation concerning pharmacies in the country. French Pharmacy Academy is heading right now depp discussions in relation to drug distribution and pharmacy property organization. We may also highlight that this academy is permanently informing about studies and resolutions over drug usage and regulations. One example of this is the recently released report that warns about the possible side effects of Ibuprofen, which is one of the most consumed non prescription drug in the whole world. This show us that France is not only interested on people needs but also has no trouble at the moment of facing multinational enterprises interests. To this I add the last year French Congress resolution that declares the prohibition of Monsanto’s herbicide RoundUp 360 because of considering it carcinogen for people that use it. This resolution extends to every Monsanto´s herbicide that may contain glyphosate. The resolution against Monsanto has no precedent in our history.

Did you know that French Healthcare System was recognized as the most efficient healthcare system by the World Health Organization? Positioning France over the United States, Japan, Italy and more. Even though healthcare and pharmacy are not exactly the same, there is a very narrow relationship between this. Healthcare system is where pharmacy acts, we wouldn’t have one without having the another. Both are systems that must be fairly provided to population so as to guarantee accessibility for all. We are not going to talk about the details of French Healthcare System but we will considered some important facts. Both users and professionals are benefit in this system. Professionals of medicine, including doctors, surgeons, nurses and specialists are very well payed in France, and if they decide to work in the public health system they may receive a scholarship or even fiscal benefits for it. In the other hand, every person who is recognized as a French residenti is on its right to access to the healthcare system. As a patient, you will be refunded after assisting to your medical consulting, and according to the severity of your disease or illness you´ll be refunded a percentage of the fee you paid. This system is really above other public health care systems in which there is no such a level of organization to people who want to treat a disease or just check there health situation. Commonly or in a major part of the world, the infrastructure raised by French Healthcare System belong to private sector activities, while here, even though it is not fully free, is a highly effective public service provided to common people.

In the remainder of this year, France will host one hundred fifty congresses directly associated to pharmaceutical issues. Half of them will be exclusively dedicated to discuss drug usage and to report professionals about new drugs. This places are where pharmaceuticals have direct access to the development of new technologies regarding medicines and it’s an important field for the professional development to be in knowledge of changes and improvements in the pharmaceutical field. Surprisingly, none of them are announced to discuss France current problem about catering in pharmacies, distribution and government regulation and specially community pharmacies trouble, which is a model of property that exists in this country.

On these days, rural pharmaceuticals and wholesalers had asked for help in 7000 different villages along France. This because in the last ten years French pharmacies had lost two thousand million in benefits because of the tax increase and the impulse given to generic medications, which are less profitable. The request for help was backed by the Rural Pharmacy Association (APR) claiming to get to the distant points in the country through the medicine distribution. The situation is really adverse for pharmaceutical sector in France, as last year, by information of the APR, French´s pharmacies had it worst year regarding profit, having lost more money than every other year. That’s why APR is claiming village´s majors for help, considering they may have direct contact with politicians that can propose or later even sanction a law that could benefit them. At the same time, French´s distributor are in discussions with the French Health Ministry but this negotiations are still uncertain.

“ If government dont garantize the future of the pharmaceutical distribution model, consequences will be serious for patients: the equity among accessibility to medicine will be questioned in the whole country, no one will be in conditions of guaranteeing medicine arrive in the same conditions, shortage risk will highly augment. But we are still in time for acting. Today we asked French Government to assume it’s responsibilities. ” Said CSRP President Oliver Bronchain, who also remembered the fact that they come of going through last year´s lower operative benefit in the whole history.

This trouble has not it over here. While pharmaceutical associations ask village´s majors and politician to get conscious about possible risk for population if pharmacie´s situation does not improve, French Pharmacy Academy has recently post a report in which they point to the – destruction of the pharmaceutical monopoly. For understanding what are they referring to we may briefly review the pharmaceutical proprietary system in France, which is different from Spanish model, Italic model and the model in the UK.

When talking about pharmaceutical proprietary models we have two big deals as priority issues. European Union has no a law ruling the whole of it territory regarding to this organizations. Even, there are not much laws protecting pharmaceuticals in Europe and we may think that is it because of the big interests behind this industry and this market. Both big issues when talking about pharmaceutical models have to do with government regulation over the flux of goods coming from this market. One of the priority issues is the distribution of medicines along a country. Or rather, the responsabilite of distributing correctly medicines, securing that every medicine arrives in the same condition. The other big issue has to do with the way pharmacies are opened and to whom that new opeden pharmacie belong. French model is an hybrid model among the Mediterranean and the Anglo-Saxon. Anglo-Saxon Model has a liberal way of owning pharmacies, which means there is no government planification about where and how many pharmacies might be opened. The other named model is the one called Mediterranean Model, adopted by Italy and Spain, where governments planificate the opening of new pharmacies attending to population criteria, while property of pharmacies is exclusive of pharmaceutics.

France has mixed both models and together with Austria and Belgium has a model in which there is a balance between new openings and pharmacies owners. This model has strict regulations, at least in France and not in the other countries. This means pharmacies can only be owned by pharmaceutics – and also have to be attended by its owner- and, as a pharmaceutical, you can only own one pharmacy. There is also a co-property system that allows pharmaceuticals having more than just a pharmacy.

Getting back to French Pharmacy Academy report, which is the Government entity that regulates pharmaceutical issues, we find they are looking forward to liberalize pharmaceutical system in France. The opening of pharmaceutical property to non-professional capital – nowadays, pharmacies can only be owned by pharmaceuticals -, a big list of questioning to the regulations within new openings and the open up of an online shop selling medicaments are the three big topics the French Pharmacy Academy has posted on it report. Various sectors of pharmaceuticals says that this document is a copy of an older document expelled by the same organism on 2013, when actual France president Emmanuel Macron was economy minister.

So it is pretty surprisevely to having no pharmacies congresses convene to discuss this issues which are really serious for both patients and pharmaceutical professionals. It is a long discussion in every country the one that settles if governments must have an active regulation over inner systems that might be economical or scientific or if governments simply have to offer a system in which things can be possible and leave at market´s mercy what can happen afterwards. French Healthcare System is recognized to be the most efficient on the world and it has an intimately dialogue with pharmaceutical system. Government is actually going against its own population interests and needs, because the one who will be injured if
the effectively apply changes in the distribution system and in the pharmacies property law will be pharmacies owner, which are owner of only one pharmacy and had passed an exhausting scolar carrer to receive their titles.

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